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St Vincent de Paul Girls' School
Telephone: (01) 8334697 Email:



The Parents' Association of St Vincent De Paul Infants and Girls' Schools


Welcome to the Parents’ Association of St. Vincent de Paul Schools.

What do we do?

Working in partnership with the Board of Management, Principal and teachers of the school, the Parents’ Association (PA) exists to support the parents/guardians of the children and to help enrich the education of our children. We work to run activities for the children and help out at school occasions, as well as fundraising from time to time. The funds we raise are donated back to the two schools each year, and help to improve the facilities and activities for all of the children in the schools.

How can you get involved?

The Parents’ Association has a small committee but otherwise relies on parents/guardians to help out in any way they can.

This can include:

  • Sharing skills and/or ideas

  • Giving feedback on parent/guardian views on aspects of school policy (e.g. homework policy, anti-bullying)

  • Hospitality – arranging coffee/tea at school events e.g. bake sales, Grandparents' day, Graduation from first class

  • Help run the school library

  • Enjoy evening talks from guest speakers

  • Give career talks - come into the school and talk to the children about your job during themed weeks.

  • Volunteer as class representative - be a point of contact for parents/guardians to communicate with each other and arrange out-of-school social events for the parents of the class to get to know each other

  • Organising events e.g. Table Quiz, Art competition, Santa visit, Easter Bunny, St Vincent De Paul Giving Tree (Christmas), second-hand book and uniform sale, Family Fun Day. Any other ideas always welcome,

  • Fundraising organisation and assistance

  • Helping out with our annual fundraiser - the school calendar.

Did you know?

Every parent/guardian of a child in the school is automatically a member of the Parents’ Association. Research shows us that children do better and are happier in school when parents and teachers work together.

6 reasons to be part of the Parents’ Association

  1. Becoming an active member of the Parents’ Association is very rewarding and a great way to get to know the workings of the school, as well as other parents and guardians at the school.

  2. Research shows how much children benefit from parents’ involvement in their school. By being able to share school experiences at home, research has shown that children progress more in terms of happiness, building relationships as well as academically.

  3. Budgets at every school are tight. Money raised in school fundraisers is often used to pay for those extras - toys in the classroom, a bus for a school trip or IT support.

  4. By joining the PA, you have the chance to promote and enhance the school's standing within the local community.

  5. Everyone has different talents and skills they can bring to the PA and there are plenty of ways of incorporating all the different things that people can offer.

  6. The commitment isn’t too much. Even just an hour of your time within your life with the school goes a long way.

When and where?

The Parents’ Association meet in the first week of every month in the staff room of the Infant school at 8pm for 1 hour. The day on which it is held is rolled to allow for parents who may have a particular commitment on a given evening. All new members are welcome to join when they can. Details of coming meetings are posted via your Class WhatsApp groups ( see Communications below)


The PA communicates with parents in the following ways:

  • Class Reps - Class Rep sends messages out from PA via WhatsApp

  • To sign up to your class WhatsApp group, please email us at:

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Upcoming Events

Confirmation Refreshments in the school hall March 1st 

Communion Refreshments in the school hall May 18th 

6th Class Table Quiz in May date tbc

Uniform Committee Activites time needed in May/June

1st Class Graduation June date tbc

6th Class Graduation June date tbc

End of year book collection and organisation 3rd week of June