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St Vincent de Paul Girls' School
Telephone: (01) 8334697 Email:



On behalf of the staff and pupils of St. Vincent de Paul Girls’ Primary School it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website. We hope our website gives you a snapshot of the happy, vibrant life within our busy school.

Here at St Vincent de Paul Girls’ Primary School we are very proud of our school community. It is our mission to develop the intellectual, physical, cultural, moral, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all our pupils. We endeavour to create a pleasant, secure and happy environment and provide a broad, balanced educational experience which promotes a positive attitude towards learning, enabling the girls to recognise their talents and achieve their potential.

We aim to generate a caring, inclusive and positive school community which offers respect and opportunity to all. In short, we believe that St Vincent de Paul Girls’ Primary School is a very happy place to come to school and a happy place to work.

As Principal at St Vincent de Paul Girls’ School, I am honoured and privileged to work in such a positive environment with the wonderful children from 2nd – 6th class and a great team of dedicated and committed colleagues, including our mainstream teachers, SET teachers, and SNAs who all work together to make learning experiences engaging, meaningful and fun for the girls. We are also fortunate to have a fantastic, hard-working administrative staff who keep everything ticking along behind the scenes, Jacinta and Ger who keep the office on track with a smile no matter how busy things get and Liam, our caretaker, is always on hand to help out with maintenance.

At St Vincent de Paul Girls’ School we aim to encourage and foster strong and positive home-school links. We are extremely grateful for the support and good will from the parents and families of the girls, the Parents’ Association, the Board of Management, the Parish of Marino and the wider school community who collectively make our school the warm and welcoming school that it is today.




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