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St Vincent de Paul Girls' School
Telephone: (01) 8334697 Email:



School Information Booklet



Welcome to the school year of 2023-2024

                                                                                                 School Hours:           Open 9.00am   Close at 2.40pm


We are all looking forward to the year ahead

 Our staff for the 2023 - 2024 school year



Principal: Alison Clinton

Deputy Principal: Catherine Anne Dooley


Class Teachers:

2nd Class:

Room 14:  Barry Goldrick 

Room 15: Rebecca Woods

Room 16: Grace Doolan

3rd Class:

Room 13:  Sarah Walshe

Room 18: Annie Costello

4th Class:

Room 10:  Fiona Edwards/Cathy McElwee

Room 12:  Laura Murrin

Room 20:  Orla Fahy

5th Class:

Room 19: Sinéad Leddy

Room 26:  Leah Fletcher

6th Class:

Room 20 :  Pat McElwain

Room 24:  Sarah Rogers

Room 25:  Andrea Kearns 


Special Educational Teachers (SET):

Alex Corr (SET Coordinator)

Catherine Anne Dooley

Abby Butler


Special Needs Assistants (SNA):

Niamh O’Beirne

Tara Freeman

Regina Graham


Secretary: Jacinta Brady

Assistant Secretary: Ger Doyle

Caretaker: Liam Byrne

Chairperson Board of Management: Fiona Robinson  


St. Vincent De Paul Girls’ School, Marino

Our school was founded on Griffith Ave in 1928 as a parish school run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul – known locally as the French Sisters of Charity – to cater for the children of the developing area of Marino. In 1930 there were up to 700 pupils enrolled here and many classes had between fifty and sixty children!!

The school has gone through many developments in the intervening years, with the welcome addition of a spacious school hall. It holds a fond place in the hearts of the local community, with many families having generations of children educated here.

Today in the girls’ school we have 320 girls in 14 classes from 2nd to 6th class and seventeen teachers.


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